PostBlessings - From Oh God to Thank God!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Send Us Your Stories!

Blessings exist all around us…the beauty in nature, the kiss of a child, wonderful friends. Then there are the “blessings-in disguise” that often arise out of difficulty. Difficulties such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, health issues…the kind of challenges that flag us down, stopping life in its tracks. You might even be in the midst of one right now. And although it’s hard to see, there is always something to still be grateful for, and somewhere, someday, a blessing will emerge from your experience.

We’ve created “PostBlessings” to help transform the “Oh Gods” of life into the “Thank Gods” of life experience. To that end, we are asking you to contribute your stories, describing your personal “blessings-in-disguise.” From the little ones that changed your day to the bigger ones that changed your life, we want to hear them all. Each and every story has value and meaning.

As you read other people’s words you may recognize an element here or there that feels familiar. Maybe you recognize nothing at all, but your heart opens up in compassion for the teller, and that in itself is a blessing. Or it might be your story that inspires someone else going through a similar challenge. Simply exchanging an experience with another human being is a gift – it means you aren’t alone.

Blessings are everywhere. The problem is we just forget to look. PostBlessings can help us remember.

So send us your stories. They can be short or long, funny or poignant, earth-shattering or simple. Truly, anything goes. We will also select one story per week to be considered for inclusion in a future Count Your Blessings book, and this contributor will receive their choice of our sterling-silver "Giving" bracelet, or “Open Heart” necklace (see photo above) as a special thank you. Please keep stories under 300 words. Email them to

Read our examples of “Oh God to Thank God” PostBlessings stories. We invite you to be part of a journey of transformation and gratitude. One step at a time, little by little, we can all make a difference.
Peace and light,
Rachel, Laura, and Elizabeth